Tragically Short Lives - Even Shorter Memories

Ask those with experience of exploitative landlords: short-term letting and overcrowding go hand-in-hand. On 6 September 2012 a blaze took hold of an apartment block. The heat was so intense that friends Ginger Jiang and Connie Zhang jumped from the building, resulting in Connie Zhang’s death. When the Parliamentary Inquiry into the adequacy of legislation covering short-term letting of residential housing was announced, Assistant Director for NSW Fire & Rescue Greg Buckley stated: “The issue of short-term letting is an important and live issue which should come under close scrutiny, especially in light of the Coroner’s Inquiry and Inquest into the death of Connie Zhang at Bankstown.” On the


In early October 2016, when a Hearing Committee was considering its recommendations to the NSW Parliament, Qantas Airways CEO Alan Joyce announced a partnership with the USD30 billion Airbnb. Those in the Australian Accommodation sector were furious. Not a peep was heard from Qantas Holidays. Qantas Airways is an exemplar in an Industry that is first and foremost about self-regulation on matters of safety and performance. So how could Qantas enter into a hook-up with the privately owned Airbnb whose modus operandi is based on skirting around issues of legislation, transparency and community concerns? Alan Joyce has been approached but has failed to respond to written requests for comment.

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