The Battle Over Profits From Housing

Airbnb Ireland is today sending again text messages and emails with love to their NSW Landlords requesting that they write to Premier Berejiklian, Planning Minister Anthony Roberts and Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation Matt Kean: “Right now, there are lobby groups running a campaign to stop or limit the rights of people to home share. During this crucial time, it’s important that our politicians hear from our community about why we support fair home sharing rules in houses and apartments.” No one objects to genuine ‘home sharing’, where Residents share a house/apartment with a house or flatmate. What Airbnb is doing is converting homes into hotels. Also doing the rounds today

Airbnb, We'd Be So Much Better Off Without You

Airbnb wants NSW Legislators to change the law because Airbnb is breaking the law. At a meeting this week, Airbnb’s Head of Public Policy, Brent Thomas, declined to answer each of the questions put to him by Neighbours Not Strangers. Pleasant exchanges but nil transparency. What was promised and has now been provided is a link to a Deloitte Access Economics Report, commissioned and paid for by Airbnb. The Report does not attempt to acknowledge that, were Airbnb to cease its penetration into our homes, the $1.6 Billion to our economy which Airbnb claims is spent by its Tourists/Travellers would still be spent. Tourists would still come and Australians would travel. Instead, money would be c

Hellll-O NSW MPs…Are You There?

Every picture tells a story and many of the tails/tales involve NSW State MPs. We’ve asked every NSW State MP if he/she would confirm whether or not they met with Airbnb for briefings some two weeks ago. One Member of Parliament confirmed that a meeting had been scheduled…one only. We’d welcome confirmation from all other Members of the NSW Parliament? Expedia/Stayz are also active - much more discretely – so: YES/NO? Below is a photograph for two Airbnb listings: On the left is a listing in a building controlled by former State MP John Williams. Williams and his Strata cohort recently resolved to take no action against Owners who chose to engage in the “Illegal Use of Premises”, despi

Airbnb's Not Cooking the Books Again?

The Daily Telegraph reported yesterday: Airbnb is now a multi-billion dollar business in Australia. A Deloitte Access Economics Report commissioned by Airbnb, found $441 million was spent on home sharing in 2015-16 by 2.1 million people and $1.6 billion was spent by Airbnb’s clients. Airbnb’s landlords tell of an ‘explosion’ in properties now competing for bookings, or in other words, some 115,000 homes across Australia no longer available to Residents as they are now listed through Airbnb, unless of course one is willing to pay 2-3-or more times the going weekly rent. Deloitte Access Economics claim Airbnb landlords earning on average $4,920.00 p.a. however the landlords quoted in the Da

Millers Point - Airbnb 'Rent Street'

Last Sunday, marked three years since Residents of Sydney’s Millers Point heard word via television reports that they were to be removed from their Social Housing homes and their community disbanded. In a show of solidarity, the handful of Local Residents who remain were joined at a rally last week by Members of the Maritime Union of Australia, City of Sydney Councillor Philip Thalis, Labor Shadow Housing Minister Tania Mihailuk, Greens State Upper House MP David Shoebridge, Deputy Federal Opposition Leader Tanya Plibersek, plus Silvana Nero and Fred Nile. Neighbours Not Strangers was also present at the rally. Look over the shoulders of those photographed to see an 1840’s four storey terr

A Hellish Menage A Trois.. Airbnb/Qantas/Jetstar

First it was Qantas. Now their low cost carrier Jetstar… Their bed-partner: Airbnb. Tourism Accommodation Australia CEO Carol Giuseppi is right to be angry at Airbnb’s hook-up with Jetstar. Giuseppi has Investors bringing millions of dollars into our cities and towns; their funds go into the construction and running of ‘bricks and mortar’ Hotel/Tourism infrastructure. Staff employed – our fellow residents - work under Enterprise Bargaining Agreements, and so too thousands more in supporting Service Industries. They all depend on the Hotel/Tourism trade for jobs, wages and housing security. The sector has become a critical cornerstone of our economy. From Five Star Hotels to Backpacker

We've Already Voted: Residential!

Let’s talk case law, which some might find boring but it’s critical in the debate over short-term letting. One Member of the NSW Legislative Assembly wrote this week that strata management must be democratic with Owners Corporations able to vote on the terms that short-term letting is permitted in buildings. The Member went on to say that increasingly he was also hearing from terrace home residents concerned about short-term let party houses in their street and gave an assurance to push for a legal framework that protects amenity and safety. Another North Coast State MP reports that he is receiving more and more complaints from residents about the impacts of party houses in his electorate.

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