Media today: Eight Hurt in Yamba Wedding Party Balcony Collapse. A North Coast wedding celebration was thrown into disarray after eight members of the wedding party were injured when their holiday rental balcony collapsed during a pre-wedding party. Fortunately no one has been killed or left permanently incapacitated. It’s unclear whether the property was booked through a local Real Estate Agent or,,,,, or Airbnb/Jetstar (‘world’s worst airline’)…the list is endless. So who’s responsible: the local Council for tolerating such activity in an unlicensed property, the Internet platform that facilitated the booking, the owner/s of th

Airbnb's Latest Message to NSW

Airbnb TEAM IRELAND has sent another message to their New South Wales landlords in their campaign blitz ”to secure fair and progressive regulations…other governments in Australia have already created fair home sharing regulations. It’s vitally important we remind the NSW Government of just how many people share their homes in this state (of Ireland?) and how important fair regulations are for home sharers, travellers and for the NSW tourism economy.” Some 10 days ago the Victorian Government held another round of hearings into this issue; the matter is far from resolved, despite Airbnb’s recent claim that they have Victoria ’in the bag’. Airbnb, Expedia (Stayz), Agoda, Corporate Housing, M-

STRs: Trust Is What Makes Them 'Work'

The Spin Team at Airbnb needs us to ignore the fact that the absolute necessity, in order for their operations and profits in the billions to grow, is to have deregulated our Housing/Building Codes/Tenants’ Rights/Disability/Fire & Rescue/Taxation and of course, Health & Safety Legislation. Given Airbnb and Expedia’s penetration into homes – 58,250 at last count with 100s of other operators in the game – there can be no checks; and that’s official and legislated at both State and Local Government levels We present the example of a laundry (see photo above ) used to facilitate short-term letting. The room is beset with water/sewage leaks and vermin. Surfaces are splattered with faeces and the

NSW Government Response to Final Report of Parliamentary Inquiry - Our Reply

The NSW Community Group, Neighbours Not Strangers, is calling upon the Minister for Planning and Housing Anthony Roberts, and Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation Matt Kean, to consult with NSW Residents and those in the Accommodation/Tourism Industry to address the negative impacts provoked by the Short-Term Tourist/Visitor Letting of Residential Housing. Residential Housing is by its very name and nature for the housing of Residents. No one is against true home sharing, when individuals co-tenant to pay the rent, the mortgage or save for a holiday, ie those in need of housing who are sharing a home. This is what home sharing is and always has been. What Airbnb, Expedia, Agoda plus

The 'Coure Report' Has Lost its Mark

The NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into the adequacy of legislation covering the short-term letting of homes across our State has ‘lost’ its Chairperson. MP Jai Rowell appears to have replaced Oatley MP Mark Coure on the Committee on Environment and Planning. Holder of a Law degree, perhaps the Hon Jai Rowell will possess some respect for judgements of the NSW Land and Environment Court, which acknowledge the “sever impacts” on neighbours and the “fundamental incompatibility” of mixing short-term letting with permanent residents. In the lead up to the 19 April report back deadline, Airbnb has launched a tsunami of Media to convince Legislators and the general public that their appropriation to

Airbnb: 'Aiding and Abetting' On a Massive Scale

Homes in Mark Coure MP's Electorate of Oatley. Short-Term Lets Pit Neighbour Against Neighbour As of September 2016 there were 128 Local Government Areas (LGAs) in New South Wales. Only three of these had deliberately altered their Local Environmental Plans to facilitate the short-term letting of Residential Housing. In the remaining 125 NSW LGAs, short-term letting of Residential Housing would be classified “Illegal”. Knowing this to be the standard interpretation of Planning/Zoning Legislation, Airbnb disguises the exact location of all listings – their maps never accurately reflect the true location of any property – and requires all landlords to ‘tick a box’, confirming “that they have

We're Agoda/Expedia/Airbnb - We Want Your Homes

US$17.5 billion Singapore-based AGODA also wants IN on big profits from our homes. They’re offering a FREE service to NSW landlords – undoubtedly designed to undercut Airbnb, Expedia et al. At Parliament House, on 30 May last year, Holiday Letting Industry representatives including Stayz/Expedia had an impromptu chat with the Shoalhaven’s Strategic Planning Manager. An example was volunteered on how a small change to Local Environmental Plans could facilitate commercial short-term letting of residential homes right across NSW. Details of this conversation were relayed to the Manager of the Short-Term Letting Inquiry. The Shoalhaven’s Staffer writes that he doesn’t recall the conversation

It's Your Veritable Lunchtime Quickie!

It's what's known in the Hotel Industry as the 'Hot Pillow' Trade Three days ago we jokingly wrote that if/when the NSW State Government gives the go ahead to Airbnb (USD31 billion) and Expedia (USD15.8 billion) to access our homes to pump up their revenue stream, all accommodation providers the world over will join in the plunder, without any heed to residents' quality of life, tenant evictions and displacements, rising rents and property prices, or the well-considered judgments of the NSW Land and Environment Court that mixing short-term tourist/visitor letting with permanent residents is “fundamentally incompatible”. The Australian Newspaper’s Sam Hutchinson reported yesterday that indee

Hoteliers, If You Can't Beat 'em, Join 'em.

The Collaborative Economy: - Collaboration – noun: traitorous cooperation with an enemy. Synonyms: collusion, consorting, conspiring… Economy – noun: management of available resources. Synonyms: thrift, providence, canniness… Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation Matt Kean: “The booking collaborative economy is disrupting traditional business models, putting downward pressure on prices and providing more choice for the public than ever before”. (SMH, 3/4/17) "An estimated 38,000 NSW homes are listed on the short-term accommodation rental service Airbnb, according to company estimates. The average user earns about $4700 a year from renting out their home…” We say that Airbnb’

Butt Out of Byron Airbnb/Expedia(Stayz)

“Airbnb hosts in Australia earned a median income of $4,920 in 2015-2016” yet Airbnb is recommending that their landlords employ ‘co-hosts’ like Sheryl & Daniel – see photo - who, “in Byron, could earn $1,643/week” or $85,436/year…“Estimate based on 15% co-host fee deducted from each booking”. How the hell does that work? Today it appears that Byron has 2,293 properties advertised as holiday lets through Airbnb/Stayz yet only 73 homes available for Residents/Tenants on In May 2014 Mayor Simon Richardson was blaming Airbnb for Byron’s rental woes, then last year he was planning what many call the troubling trendiness of poverty appropriation, ie putting tiny ‘pop-up housing’ o

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