Ned Cutcher of the Tenants’ Union of NSW told the ABC: “he believes a renter should be allowed to share their leased property on Airbnb…” Mr Cutcher hasn’t responded to our questions about his interpretation of the NSW Residential Tenancies Act, whether or not he or his colleagues derive income from or use short-term letting platforms, or whether he understands the multiple levels of legislation in NSW which govern tenants and landlords’ use in regards to unlicensed commercial short-term tourist/visitor rentals in our homes. Trevor Atherton of the Holiday Industry Rental Association has given testimony under oath to the Victorian Parliament confirming short-term letting is “illegal” in NSW


At a 22 June meeting Byron Shire Council revoked its four-year moratorium on taking action against illegal holiday letting. Council may now launch legal action, including prosecutions in the NSW Land and Environment Court (LEC). Our coalition community group in Byron, Victims Of Holiday Letting (VOHL), has lobbied for more than a decade on this critical issue. VOHL Members congratulated Councillors on their resolve to commence legal action against unlicensed landlords and operators. Byron Shire now has well in excess of 2,000 residential homes only available to tourists/visitors as short-term lets. Council has finally seen that this is to the detriment of the local community and are particul

Airbnb Wants Our Homes, And Is Happy for Us to Pay the Tax

Hobart’s Green Councillor Philip Cocker wants to discourage the conversion of rentals to hotels and serviced apartments. He also seeks registration and penalties for short-term letting landlords who don’t register. Meanwhile the NSW Greens have remained silent to our data and questions on their position on affordable housing. Byron Shire Councillor Paul Spooner is reportedly suggesting a bed tax of some $5 per person per night on tourist/visitor letting with money going back to council to help with infrastructure or housing projects. Airbnb’s Brent Thomas puts forward that his company has been enormously beneficial for Australia’s tourism sector - were we to believe him, without Airbnb tour

The Human Face of Short-Term Rentals

ABC consumer affairs reporter Amy Bainbridge and the National Reporting Team’s Rebecca Armitage yesterday brought to us their work on the so-called sharing economy’s ‘dark side’ and Airbnb’s impact on Byron Bay Residents. This second article has gone viral, with the story of Byron’s homeless women being picked up and shared by our coalition partners in the UK, Europe and North America. Without doubt, the profound social and financial problems provoked by short-term rental operators are mirrored the world over and shared by NSW Residents from Annandale and Fairlight, to Albury, Ballina and Yamba. In the Shoalhaven there is still no data available on the extent of short-term tourist/visitor;

Short-Term Rental 'Snap Shots'

Trevor Atherton, Holiday Rental Industry Association (HRIA) testifies to the Victorian Parliament (Hansard short-term letting): “…New South Wales, where it (STRs) is illegal”. Also according to Atherton, one can’t come along after land has been zoned and change the terms of that land use “without paying compensation”. No such admissions provided by Atherton in his witness statement to the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry. Expedia-US’s Michelle Chaing confirms to Victorian Parliament (Hansard) her tour to regional NSW Councils. Airbnb’s Brent Thomas offers to the Victorian Parliament (Hansard) what Airbnb claims is a Friendly Buildings Program. Thomas and Sam McDonagh of Airbnb repeatedly fail t

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