MEDIA RELEASE: The Fellas From Eurobodalla - Look What They've Done!

Listen up: TripAdvisor needs our homes; they want to beat Airbnb’s 4 million homes/listings. The We Live Here group in Victoria will be upset to see their residential building featured (see our photo). A quick revision of Submissions made to the NSW Parliament’s Inquiry into the legislation of short-term rentals shows time and again that the “severe” impacts on neighbours wrought by short-term holiday/visitor rentals are always caused by or visited upon ‘the other’. Lisa from L’Abode – second busiest Airbnb operator in Sydney with 180 homes - is just one example. This brings us also to the NSW south coast shire of Eurobodalla, one of 11 Local Government Areas to have already altered their


On Tuesday, SBS Insights’ Jenny Brockie hosted a program on the raw plight of homeless women. We strongly urge everyone to view the episode. Earlier that evening, a forum arranged by the Public Interest Advocacy Centre discussed the stigma of sleeping rough and the importance of home. One day earlier, Newtown’s Lynn Segal and her dog Jasper were volunteered to us by Airbnb: “with a low amount of superannuation, Ms Segal said her finances looked grim when she turned 60… Ms Segal does not want to share her home with a housemate on a more permanent basis: "I wouldn't make as much money."” Mysteriously missing from the scene was Ms Segal’s Airbnb ‘co-host’ Crain Cranko. Ms Segal and Mr Cranko


Late last month, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Minister for Tourism and Major Events Adam Marshall were in Lismore to announce a “$300,000 Flood Recovery Support Program to help drive visitors back to the NSW North Coast”. Hosting the event was local MP and short-term letting landlord Thomas George, together with Tweed MP Geoff Povest ‘100%...short-term letting is here to stay’. The said program is reportedly partnered by HotelsCombined, Webjet, Stayz, etc. While Councillors in Byron Shire are now focussed on reclaiming holiday homes in order to house local residents, plus ensuring a level playing field for licensed accommodation providers, last week a slick, new road show together wi


Early this week, former Staffer of Gabrielle Upton and now Airbnb Manager of Public Affairs ANZ, Julian Crowley put Senior NSW Public Servants on notice: Airbnb has no intention of complying with any directive to license and register their landlords and activities in our State. In 2014 Byron Shire councillors approved a wedding venue that was outside the terms of their own Local Environmental Plan. A neighbour objected, took the matter to the Supreme Court and won. Last October the Shire’s director of sustainable environment and economy, Shannon Burt, said Council would continue to crack down on unauthorised centres across the shire, due to the grief caused to locals. “Authorised venues


We strongly recommend reading testimony given to the Victorian Parliament by Airbnb and Stayz. Victorian Parliamentarians deserve credit for their questioning. Brent Thomas tried to shift the pressure by finally referring to Airbnb Sam McDonagh’s appearance before a Federal Senate Inquiry into Taxation and the use of Tax Havens. Here, a Hansard extract from the Federal Senate’s Inquiry: 2.13 Clearly, tax minimisation was a major driver in locating a company's headquarters and distribution hubs in low tax jurisdictions. But much to the committee's chagrin, the companies would not broach the subject. In some cases, the answers to questions stretched beyond credibility. For example, Air


On 08 August we were able to convey the good news that Byron Shire Council was to commence action against unauthorised holiday letting. Surely Council Inspectors have been issuing parking plus other fines in the interim so we’re wondering how many fines have been issued against those in breach of more serious Planning and Zoning violations? AIRBNB = MULTIPLE LISTINGS PLUS NIL TRANSPARENCY. Homes not Hotels Communities not Transit Zones People before Profits Neighbours not Strangers

MEDIA RELEASE: Yes Minister? We're Still Waiting...

Yesterday in Parliament, Premier Gladys Berejiklian stated passionately: “We will continue to do everything we can in Government to not only ensure confidence but instil confidence in every decision we make and everything we do. That is why we appreciate that it is critical for the public to have confidence in local government across the board.” Minister for Local Government Gabrielle Upton followed: “On a very serious note, this Government has some of the toughest environment protection laws in the nation. Let me assure the House that if any improvements need to be made, we will make them.” The North Cost news daily yesterday quoted Jordan Condo, director of corporate and government aff

MEDIA RELEASE: "Shonks, Lerk Merchants, Sketch Lobbyists, Spivs"

NSW Minister for Planning and Housing Anthony Roberts introduced into the Parliament yesterday a Bill for Planning Panels and Enforcement. The Minister’s speech and text on local government bears striking parallels when one considers the illegal short-term letting of residential housing. Minister Roberts and Kean’s option paper on short-term letting makes repeated references to so-data. Planning, when asked to confirm the source of material in the options paper, advises: “additional information…will not be released during the consultation period.” Meanwhile, an excellent and timely analysis completely undermines a great many claims repeated over and over by Airbnb lobbyists: “Short-Term C

MEDIA RELEASE: Byron Council Resonds to Unauthorised Letting

Byron Bay Residents are applauding a decision by Councillors to investigate unauthorised short-term holiday rentals across the Shire. “Council does receive complaints regarding noise, loss of amenity, anti-social behaviour and general disturbances… As more people choose to let their properties for holiday rental the number of properties available for permanent rental dwindles impacting on housing availability and affordability.” Such rentals obviously compete against properties approved and recognised as tourist and visitor accommodation. Neighbours Not Strangers can identify operators in the Byron Shire who list 97, 52 and 40 etc homes apiece, with many other commercial landlords listing m


The Options Paper presented by Ministers Anthony Roberts and Matt Kean quotes “216,000 homes (2014) in NSW/ACT converted to short-term holiday lets…doubling each year”. Or, around 864,000 homes at the end of 2016 - surely not? Last Thursday, 180 Members and Associates of the St Vincent de Paul Society travelled to Parliament House, where a 16,000-signature petition calling for targets on inclusionary zoning and affordable housing was moved and debated. Planning and Housing Minister Roberts, accompanied by his 22-year old advisor and nephew of Lucy Turnbull, dismissed the request. The faces of all those in the Public Gallery displayed stark and profound disappointment. NSW Greens Housing s

MEDIA RELEASE: Fake Facts, Fake Data - The Award Goes To...

Sydney University’s Festival of Urbanism last night featured speakers Elizabeth Farrelly and Professors Peter Phibbs and Dallas Rogers. On the Agenda: How to navigate the post-truth landscape. Here too a podcast. Concurrently, residents are being referred to our Parliament’s Options Paper on Short-term Holiday Letting in NSW, with some judging the document a (No)Options Paper for residents wanting to protect their homes and suburbs, and others asking if the document has been ghost written by those in the Short-Term Rental Industry. One of the ‘facts’ presented in Parliament’s Paper: “The (Parliamentary) Committee did not accept that Short-Term Holiday Letting was incompatible with strata

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