Please: Here’s How to Help NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro

Minister Matt Kean’s Fair Trading Amendment (Short-Term Rental Accommodation) Bill slipped through Parliament last month. Deputy Premier John Barilaro sought a ‘pair’ so as not to vote. Seems the Deputy Premier objects to paying a slice of his ‘pie’ to the multiple platforms across which he advertises one of his properties. Still, the Hon Member was assured that the Bill would pass; his National Party subordinates, including those with apartments listed on Land and Environment Court Orders together with Penal Notice – “Illegal” short-term rentals – all voted, ensuring passage of the Bill. Oh, and here’s a link to the ‘Hitler rant’. And honestly, trust John, at four minutes, it’s well wor

NSW Parliament Passes Weakest Short-Term Rental Legislation

The NSW Legislative Council last night passed the Fair Trading Amendment (Short-Term Rental Accommodation) Bill 2018. The Hansard transcript of the debate can be found (introduction) here and (arguments) here. Labor’s spokesperson remarked: “notwithstanding the lack of detail about how this legislation will work, the Opposition will not oppose the bill in this House.” The Fair Trading Amendment (Short-Term Rental Accommodation) Bill 2018 will be followed by NSW Planning/Housing Minister Anthony Roberts’ changes to the State Environmental Planning Policy [SEPP]. The SEPP will allow short-term rental as exempt development in all residential premises. The SEPP will not be subject to review

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