Brent Thomas from Airbnb has told Perth radio listeners ​that if the Hotel Industry has its way and the illegal use of housing is stamped out, pretty much the State’s Tourism Industry will collapse and the financial repercussions will be “devastating”​ ​- for Airbnb’s illegal income source and its illegal operators: “Millions and millions of dollars and thousands and thousand of jobs lost…” The Hotel Industry wants to create a “protection racket”. Our mate Brent Thomas: Airbnb is aiding and abetting illegal activity worldwide​... And ​Mr Thomas talks about the Hotel Industry running “protection rackets”. And why would the Accommodation Industry do anything counter-productive to their Member


On Thursday, 22 November, at a Byron Shire Council meeting, Staff will give an update on the release of the Short Term Rental Accommodation Planning Framework by the NSW Department of Planning and the Environment. (See agenda, Item 13.21for full details.) Council will ask State Government to reduce the number of days that short term rentals can operate from 365 days to 90 days per year and, interestingly, “exclude short term rental accommodation from (to be nominated) areas in the Byron Shire that are needed for permanent residential and key worker accommodation”. Who ‘wins’ and who ‘loses’ isn’t outlined and there is no mention of compensation for the residential ‘losers’. Word has it tha


Correction: the Forbes Magazine article mentioned in our post yesterday is not current; the article is dated September 2015. Our referencing this article as current was an error on our part. We apologies for any confusion caused. Travel Weekly’s - Airbnb’s glitch has prevented some 23,000 Aussie ‘hosts’ from getting paid – is current (07NOV18). Reports indicate that Airbnb has on more than one occasion failed to pay its ‘partners/providers’. The complaints from users of Airbnb featured in our Media Release of 09 November 2018 were current. We provide examples (see photos) of still more complaints from screenshots which can be seen on Airbnb’s Internet sites. One further example only: “To

ROD SIMMS (ACCC) WE NEED YOU - Airbnb Leaves Aussies 'Up-the-Creek'

For a good eight weeks, Airbnb has been sitting on a little secret - it has been failing in its contractual agreement to pay its ‘hosts’ monies due to them. Back in September, Forbes Magazine broke the story. Airbnb’s Australian “distributors/partners” have been complaining bitterly via Facebook postings, and word has finally leaked here in Australia: Travel Weekly reporting that Airbnb’s glitch has prevented some 23,000 Aussie ‘hosts’ from getting paid. There is an ever-growing number of serious criminal incidents related to Airbnb: rape/murder/’accidental’ deaths/assaults on Police and Neighbours/widespread property damage; this hits the Media. Yet constant, unsupportable day-to-day ant


“San Francisco couple who illegally rented out 14 apartments on Airbnb are hit with a $2.25 million fine by city.” The couple were forced to put up their real estate holdings as collateral to ensure that they pay the fine. Here in Sydney, back in 2007, well-know Short-Term Rental Operator “Con Kotis, the managing director of Australian Executive Apartments and 187 Kent Street Management Pty Ltd”, took the City of Sydney to the Land and Environment Court and lost. Kotis then appealed the Court’s judgment and lost. The City of Sydney held fast and defended the rights of Residents at 187 Kent – no Short-Term Rentals. Kotis wrote (21/08/12) a propos his court action: “The burden of costs was


Tips from Airbnb’s ‘hosts’ on how to maximise the monetisation of the homes they control are abundant. (See photo.) Prostitutes find an Airbnb is cheaper than a hotel, and the Hotel Industry has seen its traditional ‘hot pillow trade’ decimated as sex workers move on to penetrate our residential buildings and communities. Across Politics, MPs are profiting from short-term rentals: Nationals Deputy Premier Barilaro’s Estate @ $1,957 per night, Labor Jodi McKay’s bargain @ $350 per night, and take a visual tour of Federal Liberal John Alexander’s ‘Iona Park’@ $1,736 per night. Be mindful of the additional $500 cleaning fee etc. Alexander’s Agent, Holiday Rental Specialists, currently adverti


Remember Airbnb landlord Lynn Segal and her claim that the home-sharing website helps her afford to stay in her Newtown terrace? “With few job prospects and a low amount of superannuation, Ms Segal said her finances looked grim when she turned 60. Ms Segal said she did not want to get a housemate on a more permanent basis: "I wouldn't make as much money." A little bit of scrutiny revealed that Lynn and her unseen Airbnbpartner Craig Crenko in fact had two properties - estimated to be worth $3,113,250.00 - in Newton listed on Airbnb and took holidays in South India, Thailand etc. We’ve lost count of the number of times Airbnb has paraded ‘hosts’ in front of the Media while a spokesperson c

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