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Short-Term Rental 'Snap Shots'

Trevor Atherton, Holiday Rental Industry Association (HRIA) testifies to the Victorian Parliament (Hansard short-term letting): “…New South Wales, where it (STRs) is illegal”. Also according to Atherton, one can’t come along after land has been zoned and change the terms of that land use “without paying compensation”. No such admissions provided by Atherton in his witness statement to the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry.

Expedia-US’s Michelle Chaing confirms to Victorian Parliament (Hansard) her tour to regional NSW Councils.

Airbnb’s Brent Thomas offers to the Victorian Parliament (Hansard) what Airbnb claims is a Friendly Buildings Program. Thomas and Sam McDonagh of Airbnb repeatedly fail to respond to correspondence on Airbnb listings in buildings in breach of Land and Environment Court Orders where STRs are judged “Illegal Use of Premises”.

St Vincent de Paul: many paying 70% of income on rent.

Barcelona - 16,000 Airbnb listings: major crackdown on Illegal apartment rentals. Sydney - 24,000 Airbnb listings/NSW 58,250 Airbnb/Expedia listings: impacts on Residents “severe” – Land & Environment Court. promoting its home share (NSW residential) properties. Claiming 2 million homes worldwide.

Airbnb recruiting more over-55s to market tourist/holiday letting.

Australian Homestay Network facilitating accommodation for International Students without any apparent legislative oversight.

Airbeddng, Hometime, Maison Nets: just three of many companies facilitating short-term corporate rentals.

Data says 44% of Reykjavik’s rental homes now listed by Airbnb as tourist/visitor lets.

China’s Tujia is set to rival Airbnb Outside China. Airbnb appoints new China head to compete with rivals.

Home rental site Evolve plans major expansion after mastering Airbnb, HomeAway, other travel sites.

Happy Guest and Ivy Listings just two sites circumventing limits/caps for Short-Term Rental Landlords.

Latest Airbnb Play is a one-act tragedy – Real Estate Weekly.

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