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MEDIA RELEASE: NSW Legislators to Hand Gluttons Keys to the Pie Shop?

Airbnb’s Sam McDonagh continues to tell all who will listen that their Landlords earn on average some $3,900/year. Yet service platforms are listing multiple Airbnb properties across numerous websites, each with a different ‘host profile’, quoting profits after deductions of $5,000-$10,000/month.

Ibis/Novotel, owned by AccorHotels, confirm again today that it is taking on ‘sharing economy brands’ and renting homes by the hour. Airbnb is pushing back, also selling what Industry refers to as the ‘hot pillow trade’.

Travel giants, Expedia and Priceline are moving in with new inventory that allows consumers to book our homes as easily as a hotel.

Senior NSW Public Servants and high-profile professionals are furious that their homes and funds are still controlled by former State MP/short-term letting landlord John Williams; Residents have absolutely no say in matters since applications to the NSW Consumer and Administrative Tribunal to restructure the controlling hierarchy have all been dismissed. Williams, through proxies, recently handed a further three-year contract (21-years in total) to the Strata Agent who has blocked all calls for compliance with legislation. Broken Hill-based Williams’ strata meetings appear to only coincide with Sydney visits paid for by the Far West Initiative. Former Fair Trading Minister Mason-Cox chose wisely to pull out of purchasing into the building.

The level of anger at NSW Legislators’ handling of the Airbnb contagion is palpable, with journalist Jimmy Thomson writing yesterday: “I find hard to stomach the sight of our politicians bending over backwards to accommodate a business that actively encourages people to ignore planning laws.”

The ABC broadcasts Airbnb’s accusation a propos Neighbours Not Strangers: “so-called Community Groups are funded by the Hotel Lobby”. Reporters failed to consult us: our income to date has been zero.

Exactly who is scrutinising the ‘data’ and statements volunteered by Airbnb/Stayz/Expedia? And where is the transparency when it comes to payments to their Parliamentary Lobbyists, Corporate Sponsorships, Media Teams, blanket Marketing Campaigns and the army of staff thrusting at us the Airbnb mantra?

Homes not Hotels Communities not Transit Zones People before Profits

Neighbours not Strangers

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