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MEDIA RELEASE: "Shonks, Lerk Merchants, Sketch Lobbyists, Spivs"

NSW Minister for Planning and Housing Anthony Roberts introduced into the Parliament yesterday a Bill for Planning Panels and Enforcement. The Minister’s speech and text on local government bears striking parallels when one considers the illegal short-term letting of residential housing.

Minister Roberts and Kean’s option paper on short-term letting makes repeated references to so-data. Planning, when asked to confirm the source of material in the options paper, advises: “additional information…will not be released during the consultation period.” Meanwhile, an excellent and timely analysis completely undermines a great many claims repeated over and over by Airbnb lobbyists: “Short-Term Cities: Airbnb’s Impact on Canadian Housing Markets.”

Airbnb and Stayz/Expedia have failed to answer questions on their ‘spend’ over the past 22-months in terms of lobbying for access to our NSW homes. Airbnb, in the first part of this year, spent more than USD404,000 on a lobbying push in New York, including USD345,593 paid directly to some of the most influential lobbyists, as per a financial disclosure statement recently filed. Why can’t we know what monies are being spent here in NSW in the attempt to gain control of our homes and suburbs?

Globally, Legislators call on short-term rental operators to meet the same safety and building standards as hotels: “If Airbnb wants to act like a hotel, then it must be subject to the same basic transparency and disclosure requirements that all legal lodging establishments…are responsible for.” NSW Residents and those visiting our State deserve nothing less.

Homes not Hotels Communities not Transit Zones People before Profits Neighbours not Strangers

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