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Senator David Leyonhjelm, Leader of the Liberal Democrats and Senator for New South Wales is passionate about: ”protecting your right to choose, holding the government to account, representing those without a voice, fighting for your freedom, fighting to keep Australia on track and defending your right to speak” etc.

The good Senator has concocted a claim about a sham-war on Regional Tourism and he’s backing the US$31 billion Airbnb and the US$8.8 billion Expedia Inc (which owns Stayz), and by default, he is also siding with Agoda, Wotif,,, Google and others. They want commercial access to and control of our homes and to achieve this, we will have to dismantle umpteen levels of legislation and remove the rights of those residents who, after all due diligence, have purchased residential family homes.

Apparently Senator Leyonhjelm also cares not for the rights of those who have invested, find work in and derive their income directly from or by way of employment in our Accommodation and Tourism sectors – one of the fastest growing areas of employment in NSW.

You can join Leyonhjelm’s camp and sign his petition…and then, all thanks to unregulated, unlicensed, unsafe short-term rentals, you’ll know that regional NSW will no longer be “sad”.

We’ve already had an exchange with Senator Leyonhjelm. He doesn’t care for us. (See photo.)

Your response to Parliament’s ‘Options Paper’ can be lodged up until 5:00 pm on Tuesday, 31 October.

Homes not Hotels Communities not Transit Zones People before Profits Neighbours not Strangers

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