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Let’s say a gaggle of blokes including the Deputy Premier, other State MPs and a top Lawyer and Mosman’s Deputy Mayor all double parked their cars outside their offices, would they be fined? Yet when they’re involved in Airbnb-type rentals earning big, big dollars, there are no fines issued – right?

When the City of Sydney Council is provided with details of someone who is operating 30 Airbnb’s, they instead send three inspectors to scrutinise the operations of a licensed, regulated Bed & Breakfast operator who notified Council of illegal Airbnb operators in the area. And this is because all Councils across NSW are under staffed and can’t begin to enforce Zoning legislation - correct?

And when news outlets across Europe, North America, Asia and elsewhere are full of reports of raids on Airbnb’s Japan offices over suspicions of antitrust practices, here there’s not a whisper – yes?

Gangs of friends, often Real Estate Licensees are banding together and diverting hundreds and hundreds of NSW homes to short-term rentals, yet we are given more reports of commercial landlords who’ve earned around $7,000 (up from $4,000) per year and for whom Airbnb…: “On an emotional level, it has been very good.” Is this really ‘balanced’ reporting?

Short-term rental landlords are very aware that Councils are not enforcing Zoning legislation. In fact, they’re mocking us. We know of those who have had letters from the City of Sydney plus NCAT Orders declaring their Airbnb rentals not Residential Tenancies under the NSW Act, yet here they are back listing their properties on Airbnb. When will Local Councils be mandated to enforce our Zoning Legislation - might the NSW Minister for Local Government Gabrielle Upton please answer?

Homes not Hotels Communities not Transit Zones People before Profits

Neighbours not Strangers

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