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NSW Fair Trading Update - Short-Term Rentals - Japan: Axe Falls on Airbnb

The NSW Department of Fair Trading’s website now carries news of plans to effectively retrospectively rezone NSW Strata Buildings and all housing in R2 Low Density Residential Areas. State Government Ministers will introduce new Planning Laws to facilitate this. Further details can be found on the Department of Fair Trading’s website or by clicking here.

Airbnb’s Chris Lehane said the changes in NSW “will actually help the company”.

Japan: “With no choice but to comply, Airbnb this week delisted all of its Japan-based properties that have so far failed to secure the necessary permit from the authorities. It’s led to nearly 80 percent of Airbnb’s accommodation listings in Japan disappearing from its website overnight, meaning 62,00 listings on the site last week have shrunk to few than 14,000…The situation in Japan mirrors similar action taken by Airbnb in San Francisco in January when it delisted half of its listings in response to a new law there.”

Homes not Hotels Communities not Transit Zones People before Profits

Neighbours not Strangers

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