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Homes Rented via Airbnb/Expedia/ etc Operate as Hotels - Must Meet All Commercial Require

NSW Minister Matt Kean’s proposed Amendment of the Fair Trading Act 1987 contains a Clause - 54E(2) - that states: “For the avoidance of doubt, subsection (1) does not in itself authorise the use of residential premises for the purposes of short-term rental accommodation if that use is prohibited by an environment planning instrument.”

Our homes have all been constructed and fall directly under environmental planning instruments that clearly state that they are for Residential purposes, and not for industrial Tourist/Visitor Rentals. It is therefore impossible to fathom how our State Ministers can somehow sweep away the environmental planning instruments that see our homes zoned and fit for Residential occupation. Our homes are not commercial serviced apartments or hotels.

Consider also: Airbnb for one refuses to supply a ‘guest’s’ name, advising their landlords that Airbnb is under no obligation to tell them a client’s true name and the landlord has no right to expect to be told who is staying in their property. So much for any ‘Register’ or ‘Code of Conduct’ that promises to regulate these commercial operations.

Airbnb and Expedia combined would now be the world’s largest accommodation suppliers - and they refuse to disclose the address of their serviced apartments and hotels. Airbnb doesn’t even list contact details for their NSW offices. And don’t ever expect Airbnb or Expedia to respond to any of one’s correspondence.

While wanting to remove our Property Rights from us to favour these Global Operators, our Legislators want us to put our trust in them and these Platforms. Absolutely no chance of that Madam Premier and Ministers!

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