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There was panic last week amongst Airbnb and HomeAway devotees when one landlord raised the alert over providing alcohol, food and gifts to clients. The individual had ‘learnt the hard way’: Having had a Police Officer stay, he later received a notification – which he ignored – then down the track formal advice that he was officially in breach of and non-compliant with the Liquor Act, the Wine Industry Act etc. In such incidents, all Third Party Insurance would be rendered null and void in the event of a major claim; landlords having ‘ticked off’ that all facets of their operations are compliant with local Laws.

Deputy Premier John Barilaroa dvertises his Dungowan Estate for “small intimate weddings…” Reviews show the home is regularly used for all manner of functions, with tables splendidly laid and wine glasses carefully placed. Our Deputy Premier no doubt has all licensing issues covered.

Without a whisper of John Barilaro’s activities, Minister Matthew Kean attacked Jodi McKay (Labor) during question time over her Airbnb. Speaker Thomas George stayed ‘mum’ over his short-term rental history, and Deputy Premier Barilaro, Planning Minister Roberts and Premier Berejiklian appear to duck while waiting for Labor to retaliate. Click here for the theatrics.

Meanwhile Mr Barilaro no longer lists his Sydney Hoskins Place apartment on his Parliamentary Return; there is no ready record of his property having been recently sold. Mr Barilaro’s immediate neighbour tucked in behind Martin Place is Minister for Tourism and Major Events Adam Marshall. Marshall’s apartment has just been listed. The Agent handling the sale advised the building had been cleansed of short-term rentals and seemed genuinely surprised when told that there are still plenty of listings for illegal tourist/visitor stays visible for the Hoskins Place site.

With our Residential Zoning now dumped in favour of Airbnb and housing open for commercial use, the range activities to which homes can now be used seems limitless and regulatory oversight non-existent. From weddings to corporate ‘break outs’ to one-hour ‘pop up brothels’ to ‘ice labs’ to every manner of activity… Under new State regulations, NSW Resident might very soon expect to see such ‘events’ and ‘break outs’ nightly or weekly in neighbouring homes.

Airbnb’s latest money grab is directed at NSW farmers– “Meet Lauren and Greg, cattle farmers by day, and Airbnb hosts by night”. In turn some farmers are publicly questioning Airbnb’s zero regard for farm biosecurity practices. Airbnb…compliance? Just joking.

Homes not Hotels Communities not Transit Zones People before Profits Neighbours not Strangers

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