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Accredited Bed & Breakfast and Motel operators are calling for compensation packages similar to those paid to Taxi Operators who have suffered from Uber’s onslaught into their space. And having taken all due care to acquire property in buildings or suburbs protected by consent conditions that prohibit short-term letting and all its attendant consequences, how much compensation will be paid to thousands and thousands of NSW Residents and will this payment come from the Taxpayers’ purse? And Airbnb’s Australian spokesmen are silent on the following:

Jail for unprovoked Victoria AIRBNB killing –

Housemates jailed for manslaughter over $210 unpaid AIRBNB rent – ABC News

Jail for unprovoked Vic AIRBNB killing – Newcastle Herald

Jail for Melbourne AIRBNB killer –

AIRBNB liability: What happens if someone dies or is injured during their stay? – ABC Local

New details emerge in AIRBNB tragedy that killed boy, 4 – Sunshine Coast Daily

Father pushing son at time of fatal swing collapse – Courier Mail

Four-year-old Boy Dies in Horror Swing Set Accident at AIRBNB Rental – Newsweek

Heartbreaking details emerge of boy who was killed on swing at AIRBNB house – Kidspot

AIRBNB takes up 17pc of housing supply in Byron – The Australian Financial Review

A Sydney Airbnb Agent – 120 properties – advertises ‘easy self-check-in lockboxes’ containing residential building security swipes and keys. City of Sydney’s Clover Moore writes: “These (lockboxes) shouldn’t be left on city property…we’ll send someone to investigate.” Council’s CEO Monica Barone counters Clover Moore, later writing: “City Rangers can impound lock boxes if they’re blocking the public way or access to public facilities, or damaging property or the City’s street trees. (The lockboxes)…are doing none of these things.” Ms Barone, please may we then have security swipes and keys for Town Hall hooked to the lamp post outside your office?

Another Sydney Airbnb Agent – 259 properties (up from 102 listings in a matter of months) - is one of many such individual operators facilitating the conversion of residential dwellings into unlicensed hotels and serviced apartments.

And Airbnb Australia is pushing its product by recruiting retirees plus facilitating the leasing of all types of structures to accommodate travellers: caves, tents, busses, caravans - you name it. This Airbnb Manly Beach rooftop tent says it’s at 21 Sydney Road. Food and wine provided ‘on request’. Is this licensed and sanctioned by Council?

And if all this means nothing to you you’re either yet to experience short-term rentals adjacent to your home or you’re profiting handsomely from this illegal use of residential housing.

Homes not Hotels Communities not Transit Zones People before Profits

Neighbours not Strangers

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