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Some wrote to us yesterday stating: “If Airbnb starts telling us who to vote for in the upcoming State elections…” Well, there were numerous comments and let’s politely leave it at…‘too many ‘comments’ to print here’.

And yes, see below how (Airbnb’s tax haven in) Ireland – hey, at least it’s not Russia– is trying to influence our electoral system, and legislation, and your home lives and communities. This featured email has been sent to 1,000s of NSW voters.

Let’s see if anyone in the Media here in NSW will pick up and run with this information. Please be assured: they are all receiving our Media Releases.

Good Tidings’ too for Federal MP John Alexander: his Ioana Estate at $1,425/night is even more heavily booked. When we asked the Agent representing the Hon Member if his property had been upgraded to meet Federal Building Codes and Disability Access Legislation (amongst other State and Local Government requirements) we were told to not to write to them.

Alas Jodi McKay’s booking stats don’t match those of her LNP colleagues. We are wondering if Labor’s Michael Daley will, on our behalf, have a word with Jodi McKay MP about her Kia Ora Retreat in Gloucester. When we wrote and mentioned that Ms McKay had the property listed across 76 short-term rental platforms – Airbnb included - Ms McKay “politely” wrote, warning us: “I will be forced to consider other avenues of recourse.”

Let’s ‘watch this space’. And if anyone picks up on how Airbnb & Co are tipping money into certain coffers to influence our State election, please let us know? They spend $millions to get their way.

Homes not Hotels Communities not Transit Zones People before Profits

Neighbours not Strangers

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