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In a circular sent this morning, Expedia (Stayz) wants “to get you and your family excited about planning your next trip together”. The Stayz email claims they have 3,660 homes on the Sunshine Coast, 1,390 homes in Cowes, 322 homes in Port Fairy, 2,016 homes in Rye, and 2,014 homes in Brisbane. In terms of homes lost to Airbnb, latest data (20/10/2020) from Inside Airbnb indicates that some 34,277 homes have been removed from the Sydney long-term housing market. ASTRA, the Australian Short Term Rental Accommodation Industry Association, have emailed a survey to their members, seeking “feedback and ideas for session topics” for a planned industry-led conference. Only members of the short-term rental industry would say that, since they have been breaking the law for so long, they demand that Government continues to allow them to do so.

Airbnb has been accused in a lawsuit of “Ripping Off Hosts and Guests” with its COVID Refund Policy. The lawsuit seeks action on behalf of thousands of Airbnb hosts, treble and punitive damages, and injunctive relief. “The goal is to expand the effort globally.” One wonders if this will stall Airbnb’s plans to file for its more than USD30 billion IPO this coming week. And talking of IPOs, since May 2019 there have been a reported 144 shootings at North American short-term rental properties. How does a company like Airbnb, whose profits are derived mostly from illegal listings, list its stock to investors?

There are still reports in European publications of governments taking over Airbnbs and giving them to locals. In Lisbon, Portugal, the government is now renting out former short-term rentals, and both rent caps and lease lengths of about five years bind former Airbnb operators.

The Sydney Morning Herald’s Traveller is today giving Airbnb’s spokesperson more oxygen. Pity their reporters don’t promote accredited accommodation providers who have been hit so hard by COVID lockdowns.

Silence still from our Planning Minister Rob Stokes on the NSW Government’s plans to green light short-term rentals in every home state wide.

Homes not Hotels Communities not Transit Zones People before Profits

Neighbours not Strangers

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