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Where is housing 'affordable'?

"They call it the sharing economy, we call it the stealing economy." 

Kings Cross Resident


Neighbours Not Strangers

Sydney  NSW  2000


“The inherent conflicts associated with the proposed scale and mix of residential and serviced apartments, in particular, the co-location of apartments on the same building levels and using the same points of access, would result in unacceptable disturbances to longer term residents and diminution of the experience of serviced apartment guests, contrary to the City of Sydney’s goal of maintaining a high standard of amenity for residential apartments.”  

NSW Land and Environment Court

Sydney:  the 'haves' and "have nots'

Record numbers of homeless

Some 33,500 residential homes lost to Airbnb in Sydney

"Stop talking about our homes and lives and rights as things

that must be shared without limit by a global economy." 

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