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Airbnb's Latest Message to NSW

Airbnb TEAM IRELAND has sent another message to their New South Wales landlords in their campaign blitz ”to secure fair and progressive regulations…other governments in Australia have already created fair home sharing regulations. It’s vitally important we remind the NSW Government of just how many people share their homes in this state (of Ireland?) and how important fair regulations are for home sharers, travellers and for the NSW tourism economy.”

Some 10 days ago the Victorian Government held another round of hearings into this issue; the matter is far from resolved, despite Airbnb’s recent claim that they have Victoria ’in the bag’.

Airbnb, Expedia (Stayz), Agoda, Corporate Housing, M-Power and an unknown number of Internet platforms, mostly owned and based overseas, do not share our homes; NSW Residents are denied access to housing – 58,250 residential homes appropriated by Airbnb and Expedia alone – and in the vast majority of instances Residents are evicted at the end of a tenancy agreement to make way for higher-yielding Tourists/Visitors.

Neighbours Not Strangers is compiling another submission to Ministers of the NSW Government. Representing more than 750 families plus friends from diverse regions of our State, it is very much hoped that Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation Matt Kean will agree to consult with us.

Meanwhile, Airbnb and Jetstar have combined in another thrust at winning the hearts, souls and wallets of our Legislators. Their effort is a beautifully crafted (expensive) family-orientated 30-second video clip. Click HERE.

Homes not Hotels Communities not Transit Zones People before Profits

Neighbours not Strangers

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