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Give Us Your Homes: The Rise and Rise of Short-Term Letting in New South Wales

Today Neighbours Not Strangers delivered our Report to the NSW Parliament:

GIVE US YOUR HOMES: The Rise and Rise of Short-Term Letting in NSW

To read PART I of the Report click here

To read PART II of the Report click here

Representing 760+ families and their neighbours from Tweed in the north to Albury in the south; many but certainly not all live in Strata/Company Title, Neighbours Not Strangers has had all requests for meetings refused by the Office of the Minister responsible for Strata, Matt Kean, Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation.

This is our 'Present': Airbnb/Expedia (Stayz) between them have 58,250 NSW homes that are no longer available for rent to NSW residents, with hundreds if not thousands of other online platforms competing. AccorHotels want to punish Airbnb so they're moving into the same space - our homes - and extolling 30-minute bookings. Airbnb will now rent homes as 'corporate meeting spaces' - they already have plenty of competition in this area. And homes are being let as hotels/holiday lets while being promoted as "a hoilday that feels like home". Meanwhile, disadvantaged residents are in some places finding 'new homes' in specially customised shipping containers.

This is not some extreme future. This is the present.

Homes not Hotels Communities not Transit Zones People before Profits

Neighbours not Strangers

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