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“LEARNING from international examples to create a better night-time economy in Greater Sydney will be the key focus of a new Commission launched last week by independent think-tank, The Committee for Sydney”, so says a passive article in ‘urbAnalyst’ dated May 7, 2017. ”It will make recommendations on how to maximise opportunities around the night-time economy.”

Yet there’s more; and we’re requesting that someone help us out in understanding the “IN’s and OUTs” of money, influence and power in NSW and where powerful ‘connections’ and payments will leave us, the residents:

  • NSW Liberal Ministers Anthony Roberts and Matt Kean, on 20 April 2017 send a Media Release: “Industry and Community to Help Make Short-Term Holiday Letting Work”. Does this mean they will force short-term letting ‘to work’, whether we want it to take over our home lives and homes or not?

  • The Committee for Sydney is in a Partnership agreement with Airbnb and launches a new Commission, while the NSW Parliament is still supposedly in dialogue with the Community and Industry,

  • Airbnb is a member of this new Commission,

  • Committee for Sydney’s James Hulme confirms today the Co-Chair of the Commission is Peter Collins, former Liberal State Opposition Leader and Chairman of Barton Deakin,

  • Barton Deakin’s Lucas Pender accompanies Expedia’s Michelle Chiang on a round of meetings with NSW Local Government Councils, to discuss Local Environmental Plans and the facilitation of short-term letting in residential housing,

  • Meanwhile Airbnb and Expedia continue to lobby Ministers Roberts and Kean for control of our homes through Short-Term Letting.

Senior Staff Members of Anthony Roberts admitted yesterday that they are “very new” to this issue and are endeavouring to quickly get up to speed. When they do, will they consider the manoeuvrings and backroom dealings and payments that have obviously gone on in order for multi-billion dollar foreign companies to muscle control over our homes? Meanwhile Community Groups across NSW call on our Ministers to understand:

Residents live in residential buildings and suburbs on the understanding that they are Residential

At this rate, Airbnb, AccorHotels, Agoda, Expedia etc could be the new landlords of all NSW tenants

Homes not Hotels. Communities not Transit Zones. People before Profits.

Neighbours not Strangers

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