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A week ago fire ripped through and gutted a Christchurch Airbnb - not one mention in our Media. Reports though of I fell in love through Airbnb and then Short-Term Landlord sex offender.

Airbnb still argues that their landlords ‘can’t be robbed of their right to respectfully share their homes’, with billions in profits going to Airbnb of course. And if you have purchased into a residential strata or a residential suburb and have never lived next door to a short-term rental, talk your neighbours into renting short-term. Very soon you’ll stop worrying about their ‘rights’ and begin to wonder what the hell happened to yours. Mixing short-term rentals with permanent residents is “fundamentally incompatible”, (NSW Land and Environment Court). So wake up: with short-term rentals, anything, anything goes.

And yes, we blurred/censored the photograph – male - bottom right hand of the snaps.

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