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Fresh from the long-weekend break, one North Shore Sydney Council will meet on Tuesday evening to consider a response to the NSW Parliament’s Options Paper. The Council estimates there are 380 Airbnb listings in its Municipality. Seems they’re relying on very old data plus no consideration is given to other STR Agents and Platforms that have penetrated their area. They write that not all issues connected to tourist/visitor rentals affect them…we’re not sure which issues, nor why not. And there’s confusion about the definition of what is and isn’t a short-term rental, plus a claim that “the burden of proof required (reckon they could knock on the door and ask?) for successful prosecution is too high for councils to proceed in a cost effective way”. There’s a proposal that Council will only take enforcement action if there’s ”a risk to life”. Action will occur only after lives are lost? They are also going to recommend that Owners Corporations commence their own action through the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal for breach of by-laws that exclude overnight holiday letting. Honestly! Council is looking for a definition of short-term holiday/tourist rentals “that provides certainty in its interpretation”. WTF! We’re seriously losing patience with Councils abrogating their responsibility over enforcement of Planning and Zoning legislation. The impacts on lives and housing are enormous.

Will someone please take details of the Building Codes of Australia/National Construction Codes, Disability Access/Discrimination Legislation, Zoning/Planning, Insurance, Land and Environment Court case law, Coronial Inquiries/ Recommendations, etc, etc, etc, and give these Councillors a boot up the… They have ratepayers who are dependent on them to protect their interests, lives and property.

Fact: Residents have purchased and/or want to live in Residential buildings and communities.

Homes not Hotels Communities not Transit Zones People before Profits Neighbours not Strangers

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