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NSW State MPs and Legislators continue to ignore the findings of an Australian Criminality Report, which determined that short-term rentals mixed with permanent Residents resulted in the highest concentrations of criminal activity.

Indeed it is difficult most of the time to keep abreast of the many Media Reports detailing all type of disturbing activity related to Airbnb-typerentals. In the past couple of days Airbnb clients on the Sunshine Coast have reportedly been robbed by an intruder who is thought to have recently stayed in the same premises and simply cut duplicate keys in order to carry out his crime, a policeman turned prison officer who filmed 34 female clients using the shower in his Airbnb in New Zealand, then uploaded the videos to a porn sitehas been sent to prison, and in the Byron Bay Shire an Airbnb client broke into his ‘host’s’ home and stole whatever he could lay his hands on. The Airbnb client then allegedly tried to escape police by smashing his way into the ceiling cavity of Tweed Hospital and crawling away. The man was subsequently charged with break enter and stealing, aggravated break enter and stealing, drug possession, assault, three counts of resisting police, malicious damage and escaping police custody.

The rapes, the murders, the deaths of young children, the attacks on police officers and neighbours, the wholesale destruction of private and public property…all this and more will be the reality of so many Residents, fault of proposed changes in Planning Law here in our State. Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation Matthew Kean:

“I don’t intend setting up a whole new bureaucracy to deal with this.”

Residents have been reliably informed that Airbnb's Sydney office has organised a meeting – attendance by invitation only - for their Byron Shire commercial landlords next Monday evening, 05 November, at Byron Community Centre (6:00 pm for a 6:30 pm start) to discuss Byron Councillors’ efforts to overturn the State Government’s proposal that would see officially sanctioned homes rented short-term 365 days in any calendar year. Airbnb cares naught about the detrimental impact that rampant illegal holiday letting has on our communities; the monetisation of housing is all that matters.

Those who do choose to stay in unlicensed premises not only take great personal risk, they open themselves up to public attack from Airbnb landlords, as per the Facebook example below. We have provided some level of privacy to the Australian Airbnb client by hiding her name and obscuring her identity.

Homes not Hotels Communities not Transit Zones People before Profits

Neighbours not Strangers

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