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Correction: the Forbes Magazine article mentioned in our post yesterday is not current; the article is dated September 2015. Our referencing this article as current was an error on our part. We apologies for any confusion caused. Travel Weekly’s - Airbnb’s glitch has prevented some 23,000 Aussie ‘hosts’ from getting paid – is current (07NOV18). Reports indicate that Airbnb has on more than one occasion failed to pay its ‘partners/providers’.

The complaints from users of Airbnb featured in our Media Release of 09 November 2018 were current. We provide examples (see photos) of still more complaints from screenshots which can be seen on Airbnb’s Internet sites. One further example only:

“To Whomever is reading this at Airbnb: I tried to cancel a reservation in less than 4 hours of booking it and for the past 3 days ive (sic) been trying to get a refund but you guys keep sending me in circles. First you said it’s the host that’s responsible then the host said it’s you. Now air bnb is asking me to get medical documentation in order to get my refund. I’m not sure how a doctor is to provide me with documentation saying that I have to provide emotional support to my uncle who just found out he has a deadly sickness…(PA)”

From a Facebook posting this morning it appears Airbnb may have sorted out their current payment issue.

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