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Brent Thomas from Airbnb has told Perth radio listeners ​that if the Hotel Industry has its way and the illegal use of housing is stamped out, pretty much the State’s Tourism Industry will collapse and the financial repercussions will be “devastating”​ ​- for Airbnb’s illegal income source and its illegal operators:

“Millions and millions of dollars and thousands and thousand of jobs lost…” The Hotel Industry wants to create a “protection racket”.

Our mate Brent Thomas: Airbnb is aiding and abetting illegal activity worldwide​... And ​Mr Thomas talks about the Hotel Industry running “protection rackets”.

And why would the Accommodation Industry do anything counter-productive to their Members? Oh the days before Airbnb penetrated our homes and residential communities…

Thomas’ message belies the fact that Airbnb has announced that its quarterly revenue was “substantially more” than US$1 billion, as the outfit’s owners set up investors for a stock market float.

And in New York, Legislators do what they’re paid to do – enforce legislation. Quoting our New York cohorts:

“It reads like something straight out of a mafia novel…condo board members break law, illegally turn apartments meant for long-term residents into a revolving door of tourists, conducts ILLEGAL activity on Airbnb’s website, and Airbnb shields them from law enforcement.”

Sydney today:

M-Power Accommodation - 123 Airbnb listings - should we go on?

Two years ago Airbnb was happy to trumpet that we are their “most penetrated market in the world”.

And enforcement from the City of Sydney? If we can find these illegal operations why can’t the City of Sydney and other Local Government Authorities?

Homes not Hotels Communities not Transit Zones People before Profits

Neighbours not Strangers

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