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Bega Valley Shire councillors have voted to adopt their ‘Affordable Housing Strategy’, while dismissing a proposed limit to short-term rentals. Bega District News’ Ellouise Bailey reports that the idea of prohibiting short-term rental accommodation in residential R2 zones “did not make sense, given many STRA properties would not be considered “affordable” to lower and middle income tenants anyway”. Lisa Nimmo, who manages 150 STRA properties in the Shire, spoke against prohibiting short-term rentals. Council has passed a draft strategy to review their housing situation. Councillor Griff reportedly said she did not want the STRA debate to take away from the many elements passed: “It’s in writing now and anyone can look up what we’re doing and I think every little bit helps, we need to throw everything at it.” This, while obviously turning a blind eye to housing in the Shire being gutted by the holiday renal industry. (Minutes of Council’s meeting are not yet posted on its website.)

Our figures – as at 18/5/22 – show 22 homes in the Bega Shire advertised for residents seeking housing, while SQM Research shows six homes only available for tenants. The State Government’s Destination NSW is advertising 154 holiday properties. In total, Property Agents in the area have 629 holiday rentals advertised, plus Airbnb is listing 596 homes. Not included in our calculations are Stayz/Expedia/Booking/VRBO/HomeAway/TripAdvisor and many more.

The ABC has, on many occasions, reported on the sale and purchase of real estate presenting particular appeal to money launderers. Callum Foote and Michael West are again drawing attention to this practice – click here.

It is clear that legislators at all levels continue to resist calls to stamp out the short-term rental of residential housing. One must ask how many of our legislators and/or their close contacts are profiting handsomely from this commercialisation of residential housing…at the expense of those needing to exercise their #Right2Housing?

Homes not Hotels Communities not Transit Zones #Right2Housing People before Profits

Neighbours not Strangers


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