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In a Media Release today, NSW State Member for Port Stephens and Shadow Minister for Rural Health, Kate Washington MP, called on Government to “urgently and clearly restrict NSW holidaymakers from travelling, in order to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 within tourist hotspots”:

“The Government must issue a clear and unambiguous direction banning holiday makers from travelling to places like Port Stephens…Port Stephens has a beautiful and welcoming community. But we also have a vulnerable community

who need to be protected from this virus.”

Waverley Shire Council wrote today that they have issued ‘Notice’ to 10 owners to stop using property as short-term tourist visitor accommodation. Clarification as to the exact address of a further three short-term rentals located in apartment buildings was also sought; owners of those properties can expect to hear from Council shortly.

While the City of Sydney Council CEO has withheld assistance to residents in Strata, one Airbnb landlord rushed an unknown individual through common property to her apartment this morning, before leaving the building alone a short while later. And reviews from clients who have stayed during March have disappeared today form her Airbnb listing.

A message from Crime Stoppers:

“WARNING COVID-19 - It’s an offence not to adhere to the Public Health Order.” Report Offenders Here

Labor’s Kate Washington again:

Sadly, I’ve seen examples of accommodation providers encouraging people to

self-isolate in Port Stephens or to holiday here to avoid coronavirus.

That simply cannot be allowed to happen.”

Australian Short Term Rental Association (ASTRA) Chair Rob JeffressTea Gardens Real Estate is within Kate Washington’s electorate. Short-Term bookings for Easter? “IF you would like to proceed with a booking you can either book online or call the office” and they can assist you with this. Then of course there’s Byron, Kiama, the Shoalhaven, Orange, Katoomba, Randwick, Manly…where local residents are in very real need of housing.


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